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Spirit of the Road All Smiles Approximate Flight Old Road You Know Fluorescent Night Funny Smelling Flowers Happy Clappy Light Snow Steel Mill Blues Spotlight Now Sunset Island The Ghosts That Haunt Us The Whole Truth El Morocco Sao Paulo Serenade Driving on A Dirt Road Another Step Growth - Modern Electric Logo The Sun Breaks Red Letter Days Spring Is Here Carol of the Bells (Electro Pop Version) Berlin Lights Raving Bubbles Rio Street Party Mama Downstairs Forever Please Kudu Lily Garden Daylight Breaking Awe and Wonder Citybeat Can't Break the Habit of You (1930s Mix) Nostalgic Times Sunflowers in Her Hair Spring Forward Best Summer Ever Darker Days Coming to Town Uppercut Strut Working in Harmony Early Response Broken Toys Spirited Journey Discover Manchester Pans and Pots I'm Coming Around Sunrise Café December December