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Desert Spurs Crystals and Colors Beats and Fun Free Mind Down the Mines Wind of Hope Hark the Angels Remember to Breathe Shoot for the Moon Spotlight Now The Hidden Door The Nature of Time As Time Stands Still Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 in C Minor (1st Movement) Handel - Hallelujah (From Messiah) Dvorak - Ode to Mistletoe Carol of the Bells (Epic Version) Silent Night (Mellow Pop Version) Bright Day Another Round The Fight for All Emily Can't Break the Habit of You (1930s Mix) Endurance Flower Dance Above Pastures Water Marbles Raindrops in the Sun Aquiver Dystopian Warfare A State of Attraction Can't Stop Us I Saw You Silk Scarf Pocketless Casual Running on the Edge The Commitment Today in Motion When the Light Has Come The Hero in Me The Homecoming Universal Endeavor Ascending Fire Wonderful Places Voices Inside Trusted Solutions Out of Africa Christmas Day In the Struggle