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Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Spring (1st Movement) Summer Vacations in Paris Work in Order The New Vintage Everyone Needs Someone (1940s Mix) I'm Coming Round The Truth Is Inside Dark Night of the Soul A Waltz for the Lovers Future Hip Hop Taking the Time All of the Feels Howlin' Made It to the Top That's It Always Yours Fun and Laughter What You Really Want In the Woods Looking Back Now Snow Falls Three Thousand Miles Epic Travels Fire Walk Together Meet Me A Time Forgotten They Are Coming Gentle Now All Night Fiesta Distant Travels Emotional Vibe Midnight Drive Tropical News Orbiter Side Stepper Embraces Through the Lens Through the Time Shocking Blues Watching the Sky Journey of a Lifetime I See Colours Clouds on the Water Kings Business Morning Awakening Build Me Up The Marriage of Figaro Whole New World Saturday Night Blues To Be One